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2022 Home Page

Jan 16, La Costa Preserve - a short local hike

Hummingbird Nest

Ashley's a Nurse Party Photos - Feb 26, 2022

Piggy Party - March 26, 2022


Van Camping at Dos Picos - April 3-5, 2022


Debbie and Sarah Visit - April 6, 2022


Road Trip

Santa Barbara and Points North - Apr 23 to May 2, 2022




2021 Home Page

Paso Wine Trip, April 9-17

Back East May12 - June 2


The Ongoing Saga of the Front Patio Project


Fathers Day at Orfila Winery


Little Italy and the Padres Game

July 8 and 9


Road Trip San Francisco to San Diego

Sept 24 to Oct 5


Christmas at Casa Zarina with the Vierling Clan




2020 Home Page

What a year! Immediately after Spring Training, the world changed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

We didn't do many of the things or take any of the trips that we had planned but we didn't sit around and mope either.

Click on 2020 Home Page if you'd like to see some of what's been keeping us busy.

We've had a lot of fun and have a lot to be thankful for.

Spring Training March 5-10!


2019 Home Page


Padres Spring Training, March 14-17


Palm Springs Mini-Vacation, April 8-11




Williamsburg and Virginia Beach




Padres and Little Italy Staycation, July 12 - 14


EYC Coaster Trip to Little Italy

Last Summer Concert at Moonlight Beach

October (Jacktober!) Filling Visit, Jacktoberfest!


Solvang, Santa Barbara, and the Epic Wine Trip!


Thanksgiving Festivities and Siena's Christening


Encinitas Yacht Club Holiday Party


Christmas  2019



2018 Home Page


Lynn and Steve's B-day with GPV

"New Years" Dinner in February

Deb and Mike in San Diego


Spring Training!


Paso Robles Trip

Back East

Salvang & Santa Barbara Wine Trip

Friday Night at the Padres Game


End of Summer Party with Thompson/Evers Clans and Friends!




September 25 to October 18




2017 Home Page

Rose Bowl

Penn State vs. USC, January 2, 2017, Pasadena, CA


Piggy Dinner


Encinitas Yacht Club Photos

Kaiserhof, Ocean Beach


Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines


Irish Party at Forgotten Barrel


Laguna Beach Getaway!


Spring Training, Arizona, March 2 to 7


A few photos from Spring, 2017


Back East! NYC, Philly, Baltimore and the Burg!


Santa Barbara County Wine Trip including

Grenache-a-Rama 2!

Staycation, Gaslamp, San Diego


Casa Zarina / 2017 Grenache-a-Rama, Part 2!


Debbie and Mike Visit San Diego!


Paso Robles Wine Excursion!


Encinitas Yacht Club Oktoberfest!


Surfing Madonna Beach Run


Thanksgiving at Evers and Thompsons


Christmas, 2017


Fiesta Bowl


2016 Home Page

Will the fun never end? Let's hope not.

January Morning Jog


Oceanside Pier at Sunset


Kelly's Retirement Party


Spring Training


Jake and Mal


Wine Trip to Santa Barbara County


Back East


Mission Bay Bike Ride and a couple Encinitas Yacht Club Photos and Giant Jenga with Steve and Lynn




Summer, 2016



 We spent 3-1/2 Weeks in Espana! Madrid, Barcelona, El Priorat, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Logroño, Segovia, and back to Madrid. It was a great trip and I've posted a zillion photos and comments. Click above to check them out!



Patty's Pirate Party, Nov 12, 2016


Little Italy "Stay-cation"




Encinitas Yacht Club HH and Christmas Party Photos


Christmas at the Hill House



Sportsmobile for Sale

More Good Stuff - Coming Soon!




2015 Home Page

Padres Spring Training!

Debbie & Mike and Austin & Sarah Visit!

2015 Road Trip "Back East"!

Father's Day with Lorri's Dad!

Padres Games and Petco Park Tour!

30th Anniversary "Staycation" in the Gaslamp!

Trip to Paso Robles, Santa Lucia Highlands and Los Olivos!

Our Backyard Construction



Christmas 2015


New Year's Eve



2014 Home Page

San Elijo SB Camping

Padres Spring Training


San Diego Padres Home Opener!


Back East!

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

From Florida to Williamsburg,



Palm Desert Getaway!


Little Italy for 29th Anniv.


Katie's Wedding


Jake and Mal Visit!


TGIF - Jazz in the Park


Italy! Three-and-a-half Weeks in Paradise!


Paso Robles & Los Olivos


Thanksgiving Day Photos!



2013 Home Page

Los Olivos Road Trip

Padres Spring Training!

Beep Beep!

Deb & Mal Visit!

Lorri's Birthday, May 8, 2013

Ashley's Graduation from SDSU

Jake's Graduation from JCHS


Road Trip 10! The Pacific Northwest.


Encinitas Yacht Club Holiday Happy Hour

Christmas 2013



2012 Home Page

France 2012

See photos of our three weeks in September touring the French countryside! Burgundy, Provence, Alps, Alsace and Champagne.

Temecula Wine

San Francisco

Padres Spring Training

Kentucky Derby Party

Santa Barbara County Wine Trip

Rosario's Retirement

Ocean City, Maryland

Tilghman Island & St Michael's, MD

Family Reunion, Williamsburg, VA

Old Town Alexandria

Jake & Mal Visit

Padres Game

Skip & Josie Wine-tasting Dinner

San Elijo Camping


Paso Robles Wine Trip

Thanksgiving at Tom & Patty's


Christmas at Home




2011 Home Page

Europe 2011

See photos and commentary from our trip to London, Ireland & Paris, April, 2011

Encinitas, Oceanside Harbor

Road Trip: Padres Spring Training

Malarie's Visit

Padres Game with the Evers Clan

June Stuff

Road Trip: Big Bear

Jake & Eric Visit

Martini Night, Jazz in the Park

Deb & Mike Visit, Wine-tasting Road Trip

Paso Robles Road Trip

Irish Invasion, Grandma V's B-day

Williamsburg, Mal & Deb

Williamsburg, Edna & Lisy

Thanksgiving at Tom & Patty's

eYc Happy Hour Christmas Party



2010 Home Page

The Holidays

Williamsburg & a Visit To Mal



Green Valley Falls Camping

Our New House!

Retirement Gathering for Marilyn

Papa V's Birthday

SF with Mal & Kristen

The G-kids plus Kristen


Fathers Day & the SD County Fair

Sara's Graduation Party

Paso Robles Wine Trip

Camping @ Carlsbad SB

Easter @ Evers!

Road Trip! Joshua Tree, Padres Spring Training

Big Bear, Valentine's Weekend

Debbie's Visit, January 30


2009 Home Page


Four Seasons Happy Hour

Thanksgiving, 2009

Baltimore, Oct 11 - 13

Lisy's Wedding, Oct 9 & 10

Philadelphia, Oct 7 & 8

Wine Trip

Lorri's Mom & Dad's 60th!

Mal & Jake visit San Diego, July 27 - Aug 5

John & Jan's Party

Bread, my new hobby

Road Trip 9, Williamsburg to San Diego

Williamsburg, Spring, 2009

Lauren's Wedding

Road Trip! Encinitas to Williamsburg

Palm Desert

New Year with Edna & Mike!


2008 Home Page

-this link will take you to the home page for all of our 2008 adventures or you can click on a line below to go to a specific 2008 page!

Winter Trip to Williamsburg, Virginia

October Trip to Santa Barbara Wine Country

Sara the Cheerleader!

Padres with Dan and Carol

Del Mar Races with Greg & Kelly

Jake, Mal & Deb Visit San Diego!

Greg & Kelly's Reception

Road Trip 8 - the Return to CA

Sigma Chi Golf Weekend

Road Trip 8!

San Elijo Camping Getaway

Abe Lincoln Visits California!

The Last Martini Night

Williamsburg VA

2007 Home Page

Christmas in Escondido

Chargers/Detroit Tailgate

December 5 - Surf's up at Swami's

October & November in Virginia

Italy Trip!

Wavecrest Woodie Fest

San Diego Museum of Art

Pumpkin Patch in Encinitas!

Mal & Jake visit Encinitas!

Greg & Kelly Brunch Photos

Padres Game in the Afternoon

Acura Tennis at La Costa

Lyle Lovett & kd lang

Fest Italiano a Castello de Petravicius

Reggae on the Beach

Fourth of July

San Diego County Fair

Road Trip Seven

Weekend at San Elijo State Beach Campground

Visit to the Midway

Whale Watching from San Elijo State Beach Campground

2006 Home Page

Christmas Photos, 2006

Road Trip Six, Sept 26 to Nov 7

Malarie and Caitlin in Encinitas, August 8 to 15

Dick and Diana Anthony Visit SoCal, July 16 to 23

June & July 2006, Big Trip Back East:   Williamsburg    Florida

Padres vs. Brewers, May 11, 2006

Big Bear, April 4 to 9

Padres Home Opener, April 3

Wine Trip to Paso Robles, March 22 - 27

Torrey Pines

Encinitas Beach


2005 Home

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